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Aubrieta-Violet 1.5Ltr

Aubrieta-Violet 1.5Ltr

Aubrieta ‘Violet’ is a popular and stunning perennial plant that is perfect for adding color to your garden. Its beautiful purple flowers bloom in spring, creating a carpet of color that looks stunning in rock gardens, borders, or as ground cover. This hardy plant is easy to grow and care for, making it a favorite among gardeners.

The best position for Aubrieta ‘Violet’ is in a sunny spot, with well-draining soil. It prefers slightly alkaline soil but will grow in most soil types, including sandy or clay soils. Once established, it is drought-tolerant and will thrive in most conditions.

Aubrieta ‘Violet’ typically flowers in early spring, from March to April, and can grow up to a height of 10-15cm with a spread of 45cm. It is a low-growing plant with a dense mat of evergreen foliage that stays green throughout the year, making it an excellent ground cover.

To keep your Aubrieta ‘Violet’ healthy and blooming, feed it with a balanced fertilizer in spring and water it regularly, especially during prolonged dry spells. Prune it back after flowering to encourage new growth and promote bushier plants.

Overall, Aubrieta ‘Violet’ is a beautiful and low-maintenance plant that can add a splash of color to your garden in early spring.


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