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Andromeda Polifolia Blue Lagoon 2L

Andromeda Polifolia Blue Lagoon 2L

This exceptional evergreen shrub will bring a touch of beauty and charm to any garden with its stunning blue-gray foliage and delicate flowers.

Andromeda Polifolia Blue Lagoon produces clusters of delicate, bell-shaped flowers in late spring to early summer, enchanting your garden with their subtle beauty. The flowers are a soft pink hue, adding a delicate touch of color to the landscape. However, it is the unique blue-gray foliage that truly steals the show, providing year-round interest.

For optimal growth and appearance, plant Andromeda Polifolia Blue Lagoon in a position that receives full sun to partial shade. It thrives in acidic soil that is moist, well-drained, and rich in organic matter. This shrub is particularly well-suited for gardens with acidic soil or those looking to create an alpine-inspired planting scheme.

Feeding Andromeda Polifolia Blue Lagoon is not typically necessary, as it is well-adapted to thrive in nutrient-poor conditions. However, if your soil is lacking in organic matter, you can apply a slow-release, acid-loving fertilizer in early spring to provide essential nutrients.

Pruning Andromeda Polifolia Blue Lagoon is generally not required. However, you can remove any dead, damaged, or congested branches as needed to maintain the plant’s shape and vigor. It is best to do this immediately after flowering or in early spring before new growth begins.

Andromeda Polifolia Blue Lagoon is a true gem in any garden. Its unique blue-gray foliage, delicate flowers, preferred position, and minimal care requirements make it an excellent choice for adding beauty and interest to your outdoor space. Embrace the charm of Andromeda Polifolia Blue Lagoon and create a garden filled with enchanting foliage and subtle blooms.


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