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agapanthus Thumbelina 2 ltr

agapanthus Thumbelina 2 ltr

Agapanthus ‘Thumbelina’ is a charming dwarf variety prized for its compact size and abundant blooms, making it an enchanting addition to any UK garden. Thriving in a sunny or partially shaded position with well-draining soil, ‘Thumbelina’ is versatile, fitting beautifully in borders, rockeries, or even as a patio container plant.

Flowering from mid to late summer, ‘Thumbelina’ bursts into a profusion of delicate, sky-blue blossoms, adding a touch of elegance to the garden landscape. Reaching a diminutive height of around 20-30cm, it’s perfect for edging pathways or adding a pop of color to small spaces.

For optimal growth and continuous flowering, feed Agapanthus ‘Thumbelina’ with a balanced fertilizer in early spring, just as new growth begins. This encourages robust foliage and a prolonged flowering period throughout the summer months.

Despite its smaller stature, Agapanthus ‘Thumbelina’ remains a valuable resource for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Its abundant blooms provide essential nectar sources, contributing to the sustenance of local pollinator populations and enhancing the biodiversity of your garden.

In summary, Agapanthus ‘Thumbelina’ is a delightful choice for gardeners seeking a compact, flowering perennial that not only adds beauty to their outdoor space but also supports vital pollinator species.


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