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2ltr Skimmia Mamma Mia

2ltr Skimmia Mamma Mia

Skimmia ‘Mamma Mia’ is a delightful evergreen shrub that adds year-round interest to your garden with its lush green foliage and aromatic red flower buds. This versatile and easy-to-care-for plant is a fantastic choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

For the best growth and results, plant Skimmia ‘Mamma Mia’ in well-draining, slightly acidic to neutral soil in a partially shaded to fully shaded location. Spring or early autumn is the prime time for planting, allowing the shrub to establish a robust root system before the onset of flowering.

Flowering typically occurs in late winter to early spring when ‘Mamma Mia’ reveals its striking red flower buds. These buds add a pop of color and release a sweet fragrance that attracts early pollinators like bees. This early food source benefits local wildlife and enhances the biodiversity of your garden.

To ensure the continued health and vitality of your Skimmia ‘Mamma Mia,’ feed it with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in early spring. Pruning requirements are minimal, but if necessary, prune after flowering to shape the plant and remove any dead or damaged growth.

Skimmia ‘Mamma Mia’ is an excellent choice for gardeners seeking an attractive and pollinator-friendly shrub. Its evergreen foliage, vibrant red buds, and support for local pollinators make it a valuable addition to any garden, ensuring year-round beauty and a thriving ecosystem. Enjoy the visual appeal and wildlife attraction that ‘Mamma Mia’ brings to your outdoor space.


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