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5 Things to do in Late September – Early October

5 Garden Tips for Late September

5 Things to do in Late September – Early October

Care for your Lawn

Look after for your lawn by raking leaves off the grass.  Collecting leaves and composting to make leaf mold will give you an excellent conditioner next year. Use a Autumn & Winter feed & Moss killer to keep your grass looking tip top. Raise your mower cutting height.

Divide spring flowering perennials

Divide herbaceous perennials. This should give you healthy, vigorous plants that will continue to perform year after year. Always do this on a dry day when the soil is not too wet.

Plant your spring bulbs

Try planting clumps of five or seven bulbs of the same variety through a border, for a really effective display sure to impress! Plant them at a depth equal to twice the height of the bulb.

Tidy up hedges

Make sure that you trim your hedges so that they are crisp and tidy for the winter months.

Harvest Crops & Fruits

Keep harvesting crops. Apples will now be in abundance so now is the time to make your jam’s and apple pies for friends and family. Trust us, they will love you.

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