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Spring Planter (Terracotta)

Spring Planter (Terracotta)

At the heart of our planter, you’ll find a golden dwarf  conifer, which acts as a striking centre piece. Surrounding it, a variety of variegated ivy, spring pansies, trailing violas, and primulas. These excellent flowers are not only a joy to look at but also perfect for our spring pollinators.

As the plants begin to outgrow the planter, simply plant them out in your borders, and watch them grow on naturally. This is an easy and sustainable way to ensure that your garden is always filled with beautiful, thriving plants.

Overall, our decorative planter is a must-have for any garden enthusiast who wants to add some colour and beauty to their outdoor space. With a variety of stunning plants and the option to plant them out in your borders, this planter is the perfect addition to any garden. So why wait? Order yours today and transform your garden into a vibrant paradise!


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