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Rhododendron Simsii (Azalea) Light Pink 30cm

Rhododendron Simsii (Azalea) Light Pink 30cm

Introducing the Rhododendron simsii, a botanical gem for your garden. This evergreen beauty, commonly known as the Indian Azalea, enchants with its profusion of vibrant blooms in varying shades, creating a stunning visual display. Ideal for acidic, well-drained soil, it thrives in partial shade to filtered sunlight. The Rhododendron simsii is a compact, bushy shrub that bursts into a riot of color during spring, transforming your outdoor space into a floral haven. With minimal maintenance, this resilient and elegant shrub enhances the beauty of gardens, patios, or borders, making it a versatile and enchanting choice for floral enthusiasts and landscape aficionados alike.


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