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Lavender Lollypop 50cm

Lavender Lollypop 50cm

Lavender Stoechas Lollypop is a beautiful and compact evergreen shrub that produces stunning flowers and a delightful fragrance. This variety of lavender is known for its unusual flower shape, which resembles a lollipop, hence its name. The plant grows to around 30-40 cm in height and spreads up to 60 cm, making it an excellent choice for small gardens, borders, rockeries, or patio containers.

Lavender Stoechas Lollypop prefers a sunny position in well-draining soil and is drought-tolerant once established. The plant is hardy and can tolerate temperatures as low as -5°C, making it a good choice for gardens in cooler climates. It flowers from late spring through to autumn, producing dense spikes of purple blooms with contrasting dark purple bracts that stand out against the silver-green foliage.

This plant requires little maintenance and can benefit from occasional pruning after flowering to help maintain its shape. Lavender Stoechas Lollypop is also a great plant for attracting bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden, making it a valuable addition to any wildlife garden.

To feed Lavender Stoechas Lollypop, you can apply a balanced fertilizer in spring, followed by a top-up of organic mulch to help conserve moisture. It is also recommended to avoid overwatering this plant, as it prefers well-draining soil and can be prone to root rot in wet conditions.


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