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Heuchera Frosty Night is a stunning perennial plant, highly sought after for its attractive foliage and delicate flowers. This plant has an exceptional purple-black coloration that deepens in the colder months, and the undersides of the leaves have a silver sheen. The flowers are delicate and tiny, appearing in the late spring/early summer months. These small, bell-shaped flowers grow on tall stems and come in shades of pink or white.

Heuchera Frosty Night prefers a position in partial shade, although it can tolerate full sun if the soil is kept moist. The plant is relatively low maintenance and can be planted in a border or container. It grows to a height of around 45cm with a spread of 45-60cm, making it a great choice for a garden with limited space.

When it comes to feeding, Heuchera Frosty Night doesn’t require much. A layer of organic mulch applied in the spring will help retain moisture and provide nutrients for the plant. The plant also benefits from a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in the spring.

Overall, Heuchera Frosty Night is an excellent choice for those looking to add some color and interest to their garden or container. Its striking foliage and delicate flowers make it an eye-catching addition to any landscape.


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