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Hebe Varigata Katrina 2Ltr

Hebe Varigata Katrina 2Ltr

Hebe Varigata Katrina is a stunning evergreen shrub with green and cream variegated foliage. This plant is a perfect choice for adding interest and texture to your garden all year round. Its compact, bushy growth habit makes it ideal for small gardens, patios, and containers.

This plant prefers a well-drained soil and a position in full sun or partial shade. It is hardy and can tolerate temperatures down to -10°C, making it suitable for planting in most parts of the UK.

In mid to late summer, Hebe Varigata Katrina produces spikes of small, mauve flowers that attract bees and butterflies to the garden. These flowers contrast beautifully against the variegated foliage.

The plant reaches a height and spread of up to 1m, making it an ideal choice for small spaces or as a low-maintenance hedge. It requires minimal pruning and can be trimmed back lightly after flowering to maintain its shape.

To ensure healthy growth and optimal performance, it is recommended to feed Hebe Varigata Katrina with a balanced fertilizer once in early spring and again in early summer. Watering should be done regularly, especially during dry spells, to prevent the soil from drying out.


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