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Hebe Summer-Majic 2-Ltr

Hebe Summer-Majic 2-Ltr

Hebe Summer-Majic is a stunning evergreen shrub that is perfect for adding colour and texture to your garden all year round. This variety is known for its compact habit and eye-catching flowers that bloom throughout the summer months.

Summer-Majic is a relatively small hebe, growing to a height of around 50cm and a spread of 60cm. This makes it ideal for planting in pots, containers or as a low border plant. Its compact size also makes it perfect for smaller gardens or for planting in more restricted spaces.

The flowering time for Summer-Majic is between July and August, when it produces masses of delicate, purple flowers that contrast beautifully against the flamed purple variegated foliage. The blooms are carried in dense clusters and are loved by bees and other pollinators.

To get the best out of your Summer-Majic, plant it in a position that receives full sun to partial shade. It prefers well-drained soil that is slightly acidic, so adding compost or peat moss to the soil prior to planting is recommended. This hebe is relatively easy to care for and requires little maintenance once established, making it a great choice for busy gardeners.

Overall, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, compact shrub that provides year-round interest and gorgeous summer blooms, Hebe Summer-Majic is an excellent choice.


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