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Drimys Red Spice

Drimys Red Spice

Drimys Red Spice is a stunning evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves and striking red stems. It can reach a height and spread of around 2 to 4 meters and is a slow-growing plant, so is perfect for smaller gardens or for adding interest to mixed borders.

Best positioned in full sun or partial shade, Drimys Red Spice prefers well-draining, slightly acidic soil. It is also important to protect it from strong winds and frost. The plant is not particularly fussy and is quite low maintenance, but it can benefit from a regular watering schedule during prolonged dry spells.

Drimys Red Spice typically flowers in the late spring to early summer, with clusters of small, cream-colored blooms that have a delicate fragrance. However, the main attraction of this plant is its stunning foliage, which makes a beautiful backdrop for other plants in the garden.

Pruning is not typically necessary, but if required, it should be carried out in early spring to encourage new growth. Feed the plant with a balanced fertilizer in the spring to help promote healthy growth and development.

Overall, Drimys Red Spice is an excellent addition to any garden, adding both color and texture throughout the year.


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