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Digitalis-White 1.5 Ltr

Digitalis-White 1.5 Ltr

Digitalis, commonly known as Foxglove, is a beautiful and popular perennial that adds a stunning vertical accent to any garden. The white variety, Digitalis purpurea alba, is a classic choice that is sure to complement any landscape.

Best positioned in partial shade, Digitalis thrives in well-draining soil that is moist but not waterlogged. It is an excellent choice for woodland gardens, mixed borders, and cottage-style gardens.

The flowering time for Digitalis typically begins in late spring and can last through early summer. The plant can grow up to 4 feet tall and has a spread of approximately 2 feet, making it an excellent choice for mid to back borders.

Digitalis is a relatively low-maintenance plant, but it does require regular feeding to ensure healthy growth and ample flowering. It is recommended to feed Digitalis with a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.

While Digitalis is a gorgeous addition to any garden, it is important to note that all parts of the plant are toxic if ingested. Keep this in mind when deciding on a planting location, especially if you have children or pets.



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