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Delphinium White 1.5Ltr

Delphinium White 1.5Ltr

Delphiniums are a popular perennial plant that produces tall, spiky blooms of blue, pink, purple, and white. Delphiniums are known for their striking, showy flowers and the Delphinium White is no exception. This variety produces pure white flowers on tall spikes, creating a dramatic and elegant display.

The Delphinium White grows to an average height of 120cm and has a spread of around 60cm. This makes it ideal for planting in a mixed border or as a focal point in a cottage-style garden. This plant prefers a position in full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. It can benefit from staking to keep the tall spikes from flopping over.

To encourage healthy growth and flowering, it is recommended to feed Delphinium White with a balanced fertilizer in early spring and again in mid-summer. Regular deadheading of spent blooms can also help to promote continued flowering throughout the summer months.

The Delphinium White typically flowers in mid-summer and can continue to bloom until early autumn. This plant is ideal for adding height and drama to garden beds and borders, and its elegant white blooms make it a versatile addition to any planting scheme.


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