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Cytisus Boskoop-Ruby 5-Ltr

Cytisus Boskoop-Ruby 5-Ltr

Cytisus Boskoop-Ruby is a stunning, deciduous shrub that belongs to the legume family, and is a perfect addition to any garden. This variety is known for its beautiful ruby-red flowers that bloom in the late spring to early summer, creating a spectacular display of colour.

At maturity, Cytisus Boskoop-Ruby can reach a height of 1.5 meters and a spread of 1.5 meters. It has an upright, bushy habit with arching branches that provide a graceful appearance. This shrub prefers a sunny, sheltered position in well-drained soil.

Cytisus Boskoop-Ruby is a low-maintenance plant that requires little care once established. Pruning should be done immediately after flowering, removing any dead, diseased or damaged wood. This shrub is relatively drought tolerant and can withstand a range of soil types, making it an ideal addition to a range of garden designs.

With a flowering time of late spring to early summer, Cytisus Boskoop-Ruby adds a burst of colour to any garden. It is an ideal shrub for creating a low hedge or border and can also be used in mixed borders or as a standalone feature. Cytisus Boskoop-Ruby is a hardy, versatile plant that will provide years of enjoyment in your garden.


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