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Clematis Multi-Blue

Clematis Multi-Blue

The flowering time for Clematis Multi-Blue is from June to September, during which time the plant is adorned with a profusion of large, semi-double, blue-violet flowers that have a distinctive white central stripe. The blooms are produced on the current year’s growth, so it is important to prune the plant back hard in late winter or early spring to encourage new growth and ensure an impressive display of flowers.

This Clematis thrives in a sunny to partially shaded position and prefers a well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. It is best planted near a trellis, wall or fence, where it can be trained to climb and display its stunning blooms.

Clematis Multi-Blue is an easy-to-grow and low-maintenance plant that is perfect for gardeners of all levels of experience. With its beautiful flowers, impressive height and spread, and adaptability to a range of growing conditions, it is sure to become a favourite in any garden.


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