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Clematis Joe 2 Ltr

Clematis Joe 2 Ltr

Clematis ‘Joe’ is a beautiful climbing plant that is sure to add color and interest to any garden or outdoor space. Here’s a description of this plant for a garden center website:

Clematis ‘Joe’ is a hardy deciduous climber with an abundance of small, bell-shaped, White flowers. These blooms appear in late spring and continue to flower intermittently until late summer. The delicate flowers are also lightly fragrant, adding an extra sensory dimension to your garden. The foliage is a mid-green color and has a fine texture that is attractive in its own right.

This Clematis prefers a sunny position, with some afternoon shade in hotter climates. It also likes well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter, so make sure to amend your soil before planting. ‘Joe’ can grow up to 10-12 feet tall and is suitable for growing on trellises, arbors, or walls.

Clematis ‘Joe’ is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal pruning. You should prune it lightly in early spring, cutting back last year’s stems to the first pair of healthy buds. This will encourage new growth and ensure a healthy, abundant display of flowers.

To encourage healthy growth, you can feed your Clematis ‘Joe’ with a balanced fertilizer in early spring and again in late summer. Be sure to water it well during dry spells, and mulch around the base of the plant to help retain moisture. With a little care and attention, Clematis ‘Joe’ will reward you with stunning blooms year after year.


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