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Aquilegia-Caerulea-Navy-And-White 1.5 Ltr

Aquilegia-Caerulea-Navy-And-White 1.5 Ltr

Aquilegia Caerulea Navy and White, also known as Rocky Mountain Columbine, is a delightful perennial plant with stunning blue and white flowers that bloom in late spring to early summer. It is an ideal choice for any garden and a popular choice among gardeners.

The best position for this plant is in partial shade, as full sun can cause the flowers to fade. It prefers well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. The plant grows to a height of around 60-80cm and a spread of 30-40cm.

The flowers of Aquilegia Caerulea Navy and White are a striking blue and white bi-color with long spurs that attract hummingbirds and bees. They appear in May and June and bloom for several weeks. Once the flowers have faded, the foliage remains attractive throughout the growing season.

Aquilegia Caerulea Navy and White is a low-maintenance plant that does not require much care. It does benefit from a balanced fertilizer applied in spring when new growth emerges. Deadheading spent blooms will encourage more flowers to bloom throughout the season.

In summary, Aquilegia Caerulea Navy and White is a lovely addition to any garden. Its stunning flowers and easy-to-care-for nature make it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.


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