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4ltr Sarcococca Purple Stem

4ltr Sarcococca Purple Stem

Sarcococca Purple Stem, a delightful variation of the Sweet Box family, brings an elegant touch to your garden with its unique purple stems and lush evergreen foliage. This compact, low-maintenance shrub thrives in a variety of garden settings and offers year-round interest.

For optimal growth, plant your Sarcococca Purple Stem in well-draining soil, preferably in partial to full shade. This versatile shrub can tolerate various soil types and is a fantastic choice for those challenging shaded areas of your garden.

In late winter to early spring, Sarcococca Purple Stem produces clusters of small, highly fragrant white flowers, attracting early pollinators like bees and providing a vital nectar source when food is scarce. This not only benefits local wildlife but also enhances the overall biodiversity of your garden.

To maintain its elegant appearance, prune the Purple Stem after flowering in spring, removing any dead or damaged growth. Feeding with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer during the growing season will promote healthy foliage and robust growth.

Sarcococca Purple Stem is a valuable addition to any garden, offering beauty, fragrance, and ecological benefits. Its purple stems add a touch of uniqueness, while its pollinator-friendly nature contributes to a thriving garden ecosystem. Enjoy the year-round charm of this delightful shrub while supporting local wildlife.


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